Our Governance

Our Governance

Our Board

Strategic leadership is provided by the Board which consists of ordinary members, a Newham Council appointee, and the Chief Executive. The Board meets regularly, and we are proud of how well we are governed. We have adopted the 2020 NHF Code of Governance and review our compliance with the Code twice each year. We also review how effective our governance is annually, using questionnaires and external meeting observations. Equality, diversity, and inclusion is a key element of good governance, and we believe that transparency is important for this. A summary of the EDI profile for our Board can be found here.

It is also important that we can demonstrate that our Board members always act on behalf of Local Space. For this reason, we ask our Board members to make a full declaration of any interests, and if there is ever a conflict of interest they withdraw from the meeting and take no part in the decision making.  A summary of Board member’s declarations of interest can be found here. 

Local Space has identified the key skills and competencies that it needs on the Board and it reviews these on an annual basis. The last review took place in June 2021. The key skills that we want our Board members to have are in areas such as strategy, finance, housing and asset management and customer service. The review showed that the Board has a high level of skill in these key areas. The review of their core competences showed that the Board has natural talent in all of the areas reviewed. Whilst there had been some changes in Board membership over the year, there has been no loss in these key competencies. The Board is highly collaborative and communicative, empathetic and multicultural.

Our Committees

The Board is supported by two committees – the Audit and Risk Committee, and the Nominations and Remuneration Committee. Board members also works closely with the Tenants’ Panel.

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

The Nominations and Remuneration Committee leads on the recruitment of Board members, reviews the composition of the Board and has oversight of Board members’ induction, training, skills analysis and appraisal. It is also responsible for ensuring that there is appropriate remuneration for Board members and the Chief Executive and that the Chief Executive is effectively appraised.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee ensures that we protect our business and run it successfully. The Committee helps to protect what we own, so that it does not lose its value. It also makes sure we think about how we can protect ourselves from business risks and threats and don’t break any rules or laws.

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