Tenants Panel

Tenant’s Membership Panel

The Tenants Panel was set up as a way to create a stronger collaboration between the Board, tenants, and Local Space staff. Panel members are empowered to direct and influence service delivery and identify improvements that address the needs of all tenants.

We recognise that tenants and leaseholders come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer, and others are simply motivated and passionate about making a difference. We value knowledge and experience, but these are not crucial to being involved in tenant and groups, and we actively encourage wider involvement and representation.

To ensure that applicants have a full understanding of the role that they are applying for, an information pack and opportunities to observe the panel will be provided. There will also be an informal meeting with 2 panel members to explore their understanding of the role and what they can bring to the panel.

Please contact us by phoning 020 8221 4000 or emailing the Customer Engagement Team at: customerengagement@localspace.co.uk if you are interested in getting involved.

For successful appointments, training and support will be provided to become a fully active and participative member of the panel.

Reasonable transport & childcare arrangements will be reimbursed, and light refreshments will be provided at meetings, training and any forums attended by panel members.

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