Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

At Local Space, we expect all our staff and contractors to do the work needed in your home with the minimum disruption to our tenants and residents. We ask all our contractors to present their official ID card showing their name and a photo, when they arrive to carry out their work.

If you have any doubts about who they are, please ask them to wait outside your home and call us on 020 8221 4000 straight away.

When a contractor comes to your home, they should:

  • Introduce themselves and show you their ID card (proof of identity). If they don’t, then don’t hesitate to ask to see it
  • Explain why they are there and what they’re going to do
  • Behave well when they are in or around your home. This includes not smoking, not using bad language
  • Take care of your home and your property, protecting them at all times from dust, paint and other things that might damage it
  • Keep your home safe and secure
  • Keep safe all materials and equipment they bring into your home and make sure it doesn’t cause problems or a danger to you, your family or visitors
  • Reconnect and test things such as water, gas and electricity at the end of each working day and make sure they’re working properly before they leave
  • Clear away any mess they’ve made and take it away from your home, garden or other areas outside
  • Repair any damage they cause to your home and make it look as good as when they first arrived
  • Stay within health and safety laws and codes of practice
  • Follow our equality and diversity policy
  • Agree what needs to be moved – including carpets and furniture – and be clear about their condition, before work starts on a major job

Report a Repair

To make sure your home stays in good condition we need to work together to ensure repairs are reported swiftly and carried out efficiently.

Pay Rent

Before you move into your new home we will talk to you about your income, how you are going to make your rent payments and help you to plan a budget.

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