About Us

Our mission

Working together to provide safe and quality homes for those in need

Where it all began

Local Space was created in 2006 by a partnership between the London Borough of Newham and a group of housing professionals. Our homes are mainly in the east end of London, the majority of which give homeless people a place to live. The rest of our homes are for keyworkers.

Who we are and what we do

We provide safe, secure, good quality homes for those who need them most. We help local authorities by offering an alternative to the poor quality, expensive private sector accommodation often used for temporary accommodation. During our growth period commencing in 2016 we partnered with Newham Council to purchase 800 new homes. The remaining 76 properties will be completed by 2021.

Our customers are often families and individuals who have needs other than just housing. To help them to maintain their tenancies successfully we want to ensure that they can easily access all the support they need. We will assess the value of forging new partnerships with other services which work alongside housing such as health, care, support and education because we recognise that our resources are likely to be more effective when they are joined up.

Our customers’ health and safety is at the forefront of our new strategic direction. We provide good quality and safe housing, investing in both our new and existing homes. We will reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can in the investment in our homes. Our tenants are our customers: by respecting their views, wishes, needs and feedback we will deliver a service that meets their needs and continuously improves. We want our tenants to feel valued and we will provide as wide a service as possible to support our customers to have sustainable and successful tenancies.

Our business model is innovative and financially successful. We have been re-affirmed a top credit rating of AA – credit rating from S&P Global Ratings 4 years on the run. In 2020 our AA- rating came with a Stable outlook for the future and Local Space was the only housing association to achieve that rating for the year. At our last IDA we achieved  G1 and V1 ratings from our Regulator, the HCA.

Our Corporate Objectives

  • Homes that people want to live in
  • Services that our customers are happy with
  • Being a successful and well managed organisation
  • Beyond Bricks