Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Your health and safety are key priorities for us, and we’re continually working to keep you safe in your home.

To keep you safe, we carry out:

· An annual safety check on all domestic gas appliances installed in your property. This safety check will include gas meters, boilers, smoke alarms, and gas cookers. The safety check is free and will only take a short time. It will reassure you that your gas appliances are safe, and not emitting any carbon monoxide into your home.

· Regular fire safety inspections to ensure shared communal areas in your building and on your estate are safe. For blocks we are responsible for managing, we carry out Fire Risk Assessments and any recommendations that come from these assessments are dealt with as quickly as possible or put into a programme of work to be completed.

· Mandatory Electrical Inspection and condition reporting (EICR) of fixed electrical wiring within your home, this is carried out every 5 years or less depending on the condition of the wiring and how it is used within the home.

· Regular surveys of the communal areas of our properties, such as flat corridors, to check the condition of any asbestos materials. Materials containing asbestos in good condition do not pose a risk to your health. If the material is in poor condition a decision is made to either remove it or make it safe. If you intend to carry out work within your home that may disturb suspect materials then please contact us to discuss this before undertaking any work.

· We want our customers to live in dry and mould free homes. If you have a penetrating damp problem, contact us and we will either arrange an inspection by a surveyor or one of their contractors to diagnose and resolve the repair.

You can help us keep you and your neighbours safe by making sure you and any visitors:

· Keep communal areas free of personal belongings (this includes bikes and prams). We want you to be able to leave your building easily and for the emergency services to do their work without tripping over items.

· Do not smoke in the communal areas (this includes e-cigarettes).

· Never use a barbeque (BBQ) on a balcony.

· If you live in a block of flats, don’t use your balcony as an extra storage space – though it can be handy to have the extra space indoors, balconies packed with flammable items can cause a fire to spread much more quickly.

· Do not block any vents in your home.

· Tell us if you think your front door is damaged or isn’t closing properly. If you live in a flat, make sure your front door has a self-closing device and that the door closes correctly.

· Do not bring highly flammable items such as motorbikes, petrol cans, gas cylinders into communal areas.

· Do not install security grilles and gates to front doors. Grilles and gates cause a risk to your life in the event of a fire. They delay how quickly you can leave, and the Fire Brigade can enter your home.

· Make sure your family know what to do in the event of fire. We also advise customers to get contents insurance for your home.

The London Fire Brigade’s website has lots of useful advice and information to help you understand common fire risks and how to reduce them in your home:

If you ever have any questions or concerns about health and safety in your home please call us on 020 8221 4000.

Coronavirus and our service to you

Our staff and the operatives who carry out essential work in our homes continue to make extra effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We’re using hand sanitiser and washing our hands before and after every visit to protect your safety. Wherever possible, we will call instead of visiting you.

Access to our office at 58 Romford Road, Stratford is currently on an appointment-only basis until further notice.

This is what to expect if you are due a visit from us:

· We will call you beforehand to ask whether you or anyone in your household has a cough and/or high temperature. If we can’t get through, we’ll come and knock on your door to check. When we do, we’ll ask you some simple questions about your health.

· If you think you or anyone in your household may have coronavirus, or are vulnerable and are self-isolating, we’ll arrange another time to come and carry out the visit (including repairs) when you’ve finished self-isolating (unless it’s an emergency repair).

· If you’re unwell but your repair is an emergency, we’ll put special measures in place to get your repair done. If for any reason this isn’t possible, we’ll talk to you to find another way of resolving the issue.

· If we do carry out a repair for you, you’re likely to see our operatives team wearing protective clothing, such as face masks and gloves. This is to protect them, and you as they go about their work.

How Axis and Local Space are Keeping You Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Find out how Local Space and Axis are keeping you safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you have any questions please contact or phone 020 8221 4000, You can also contact Axis on 020 3597 2093.

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