Watch out for doorstep scammers

If somebody turns up at your door and asks for access to your property, and you’re not expecting them, they may be a doorstep scammer. Please don’t be afraid to question them. 


Doorstep scammers pose as official representatives from organisations such as councils, housing associations, or utility companies. They try to gain entry to homes to either steal items or obtain money from residents. We’ll always give you advance warning if we’re going to visit your home, either via phone or an appointment letter.


What should I do if I suspect someone at my door is a scammer? 

  • You can prevent them from entering your home by placing the chain across the door.
  • Question their intentions and request identification. Any individual claiming to be associated with us or our contractors should display an official badge.
  • If you’re still unsure, please call us on 0208 221 4000 to confirm their identity.


What signs should I be aware of when someone knocks at my door? 

  • Anyone who asks to see your bank cards or pin number.
  • Persistent salespeople or charity workers.
  • Anyone claiming to be from an organisation but lacks an official identification badge.
  • Anyone unfamiliar who wants to enter your home for any reason.


Who should I contact if I am unsure of someone’s identity?  

  • Dial 999 in case of an emergency or 101 if you’re not in immediate danger and wish to report the incident.


If you suspect that you have fallen victim to a scam or believe that someone has attempted to deceive you can: 

  • Contact your local Trading Standards.
  • Call Action Fraud, the national reporting centre for fraud and internet crime, at 0300 123 2040. They can offer advice on preventing fraud and provide guidance if you have become a victim.


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