Proposal for Local Space to Manage Your Tenancy

Proposal for Local Space to Manage Your Tenancy

As you know, Newham Council currently manages all tenancy-related services.

Following a review of our services, Local Space, in consultation with Newham Council, plans to deliver housing management services directly. This will involve bringing these services in-house for you and around 700 of our customers. Our aim is to continue the work to improve the services you receive from us.

We propose making this change around April 2024 – meaning that Local Space will manage all tenancy-related services.

At this stage though, we want to hear what you think about the proposal. We value your opinion and welcome feedback to help us shape our plans in the coming weeks and months.

Local Space remains your landlord. But because of the current management arrangements, you currently pay your rent to Newham Council and contact them if you have any tenancy-related problems (such as anti-social behaviour).

Under these proposals, Newham Council would no longer manage your tenancy, meaning you would pay your rent directly to Local Space, and we would deal with all tenancy-related enquiries.

As you know, we did something similar in April 2022 when we took over the management of repairs and maintenance work from Newham’s Repairs and Maintenance Service (RSM), and a large number of customers have since let us know through customer surveys that they have been happy with the change made at that time.

You can let us know your views using the following ways. We would be grateful if you can provide your comments by 31st January 2024:

We will write to you again once we have considered all the comments we’ve received about our plans. We will also provide details of how the changes will be introduced, along with any new information you’ll need regarding paying your rent and reporting any housing issues.

Your Property Management Officers at Newham are still there to help you. In the meantime, please continue to pay your rent to Newham Council and let them know if you have any tenancy-related enquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Questions Answered

At present, Newham Council manages your tenancy. We are asking for your views on the proposal for Local Space to manage your tenancy instead.

These Frequently Asked Questions give you some typical questions and their answers.

Why is this happening?

An opportunity to review the current arrangements with Newham Council is coming up, which provides a chance to consider how best to deliver and improve these essential services in the future.

What changes will I see? And what are the benefits?

You have signed your tenancy agreement with Local Space. And so there is no change in who your landlord is.

Having one organisation (Local Space) manage everything related to your tenancy and home is more efficient. It should mean that Local Space is better aware of your circumstances as we will be delivering all services and, therefore, better placed to support you when you need our help.

It is also expected that bringing the service back in-house could provide better value for money by not duplicating services.

We already manage repairs in your home and will continue to be responsible for the common areas of your block/building.

Newham Council will no longer manage your tenancy on our behalf. You would instead pay your rent to Local Space, and we would manage all housing-related enquiries (such as anti- social behaviour, mutual exchanges, etc.)

When will it happen?

We propose to introduce this change around April 2024, but we will provide a definitive date once we have considered all the feedback we’ve received from customers.

What will you do with any feedback I provide?

As someone who uses the services provided by Newham Council, you have invaluable insight and are well-placed to let us know what works and how the service can improve. That’s why when we significantly change how services are provided, we always seek our customer’s views. We will use all feedback provided to help shape our plans.

Any other questions?

Please get in touch with Local Space using the following ways:

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