Our Corporate Plan 2020-25 is out now

Our Corporate Plan 2020-25 sets out our strategic intent over the next five years and how we intend to navigate an increasingly complex operating environment to achieve our core social purpose – ‘working together to provide quality & safe homes for those in need’.
We originally published our plan in March 2020, but the global pandemic has meant we have needed to reframe our strategy.


We have also had some changes at Executive and Board level which meant it was right for us to have another look at our Corporate Plan. This has allowed us to take stock and ensure that our plans remained fit for purpose given the emerging environment. In reframing the plan, our Board concluded that we needed to keep focused on the objectives we had identified before the pandemic.


But we also needed to better embrace the lessons arising from Covid and articulate the distinctiveness of our offer, because it is a unique offer which adds real value. It is our distinctiveness that we will build upon as we emerge and evolve from the pandemic as we build our brand proposition and deliver our objectives.

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