What is damp and what causes it?

  • As we’ve said before on these pages, damp and condensation look similar but are two different things with very different causes (also have a look at the condensation pages for information and advice). How to tell the difference between damp and condensation. There are two types of damp:
  • Penetrating damp – this is where water gets into the inside walls from the outside. This is usually caused by problems with pipes, gutters, holes in roofs and leaks in window frames.
  • Rising damp: this can be because there’s a problem with the building’s damp proof course (DPC) or damp proof membrane (DPM). It can also be caused by the outside ground levels being high.
  • If you think your home has a problem with damp, please call our customer service line team on 020 8221 4000. If your home is newly built it could be damp because water used during the construction (in plaster, for example) is still drying out. If your home is damp it can cause mould on your walls and furniture and rot wooden window frames.Damp homes encourage mites and can sometimes increase the risk of breathing problems. When we visit we can tell you if your problems are caused by damp from the outside or because of condensation. Most problems we deal with are caused by condensations and, the good thing is, in most cases, you can do things to ease the problem. You can see more advice here too.

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