Energy Saving Tips

How can I save energy?

  • We all know that energy is expensive, so here are some tips on how to save money and make running your home cheaper. There are some simple ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprint around your home:
    • If you have central heating turn down the main thermostat a couple of degrees and use the timer to keep the temperature constant. It’s cheaper to keep a room a constant temperature than heat from cold several times a day
    • If your home gets so hot you need to open windows to cool it down you’re wasting energy. Experiment with temperatures that you’re comfortable with, try starting at 20°C
    • If when you run a basin of hot water you have to add lots of cold water to avoid burning yourself, then the hot water thermostat is too high, turn it down a few degrees
    • Avoid using a tumble dryer. Using a washing line is cheaper. If you have to use a tumble dryer and space permitting, use a stand alone dryer as it is more energy efficient than using a washer/dryer combination
    • When boiling a kettle only fill it with the amount of water you need; boiling a whole kettle of water for one cup of tea boil wastes a load of energy (and a lot of water, if you empty the kettle each time you boil it)

Report a Repair

As your landlord, by law, we have to carry out certain repairs. But tenants are responsible for other repairs. To make sure the house stays in good condition we have to work together.

Pay Rent

Before you move into your new home we will talk to you about how you are going to make your rent payments, talk to you about your income and help you to plan a budget.

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