Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

The Local Space EDI strategy ensures the Board can provide clarity to its customers, our people, and key stakeholders on its approach and its role in dealing with inequalities in how it operates.


The Board’s commitment is demonstrated through approving the relevant policies and procedures for customers and staff, for example in staff recruitment and customer engagement. This will be monitored through performance indicators aligned with the EDI strategy that will be published on an annual basis.


The Board expects that the EDI strategy will be aligned with Local Space’s corporate values and objectives that demonstrate to our customers, staff, and business partners, such as our contractors and local authorities, that we are committed to being a fair organisation that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion as a housing provider and employer.


Our EDI strategy is underpinned by our intention to make a difference to our culture that demonstrates our people first approach. This is first and foremost demonstrated and experienced by our customers and workforce.

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