Get involved

Local Space is committed to engaging and involving our tenants in how we provide our services. We want to make engagement and feedback as easy and accessible as possible and our approach will utilise the full range of communication channels, from face to face contact, our web page to telephone or email surveys.


We want to improve the range, and quality of information to our tenants. In order to achieve this we will publish:

  • Our annual reports and business plans.
  • Our tenants’ handbooks, customer leaflets.
  • How we perform as a business.

Consultation and Involvement

We want to reach more tenants then before, but recognise that time is limited and not everyone can attend meetings. We offer the opportunity to be involved through short telephone or email surveys that can be done in the comfort of your own home. To kick this off, we are developing a “Get Involved Register”. You can let us know what parts of our service you’d like to be involved in as well as your preferences for being involved.

Tenant’s Policy and Scrutiny Panel

We want tenants holding Local Space to account for its service delivery and at the heart of shaping and driving improvements. We aim to increase the impact of our scrutiny panel by establishing a clear structure and timetable for scrutiny each year.

The Panel will look in depth into two service areas each year and review policy and practice to help improve Local Space services. This will cover all core services such as Repairs and Maintenance, Customer Service and Improvements, Neighbourhood and Tenancy. The Panel will work closely with the Board, Director of Operations and senior staff to improve the customer experience of Local Space services.


We want to empower residents through our decision making structure and processes and when places are available on the Board tenants will be encouraged to apply.

In addition, representatives from the Tenant’s Policy and Scrutiny panel will present their findings to the Board from scrutiny on a regular basis and will be encouraged to attend Board meetings as an observer.

If you would like to be included in our “Getting Involved” Register, please complete the form.