Get Involved

Local Space is committed to engaging and involving our tenants in how we provide our services. We want to make engagement and feedback as easy and accessible as possible and our approach will utilise the full range of communication channels, including face to face and online meetings, email, phone and web surveys, and user testing panels.

We want to improve the range, and quality of information to our tenants. In order to achieve this we will publish:

  • Our annual Resident’s Reports
  • Regular newsletters for our tenants
  • Annual financial statements
  • Our Corporate Plan

How to get involved

Would you like to make a difference to how local space services are delivered? Do you have some spare time? It could be as little as 20 minutes every couple of months to complete an online or telephone survey as part of our Get Involved Register. Or if you have more time you could join our Tenants’ Panel. All Local Space tenants are welcome to register. Found out more about you can get involved here.