Your Home

We have homes in Hackney, Enfield, Newham, and Waltham Forest and we have housing management staff who work with residents in those areas.

Our housing service includes:

  • If you’re a new tenant, we’ll visit you six weeks after you’ve moved in to check everything’s ok
  • Checking the shared areas in and around the homes we own and manage, and solving any problems we find
  • Dealing with anti-social behaviour and nuisance problems
  • Helping people with questions about their tenancy
  • Investigating and solving problems with tenancies or neighbourhoods including where people have sublet without permission and fly-tipping
  • Working with tenant groups and other local groups in neighbourhoods to make sure our homes and neighbourhoods stay strong and vibrant places to live
  • Working with local councils and other people, like the police and social services, who also have a part to play in our neighbourhoods

Your tenancy

Your tenancy agreement is your contract with us. Please read it carefully, as it will give you information about your rights and responsibilities as one of our tenants.

It’s easy to read but if you’re not sure about anything, please call us on 0208 221 4000 and we’ll be happy to go through it.

You and your neighbours

To make sure our neighbourhoods are good places to live, we all have to be both respectful and tolerant.

This means:

  • Don’t be anti-social
  • Don’t harass your neighbours
  • Don’t be a nuisance to other people, particularly at night
  • Don’t play your music loud, particularly at night

If you’ve got a problem, call us on 0208 221 4000 or email

Dealing with anti-social behaviour

What we will do:

  • We’ll investigate all nuisance cases reported to us fairly and sensitively
  • We’ll keep a record of the information we’re given and anything we do because of what we’ve been told
  • We’ll offer to help you talk through and sort out a neighbour problem with the person you feel’s causing the problem
  • Where there’s clear proof of serious anti-social behaviour we could get the police or solicitors involved and try and take the person causing the problem to court
  • We’ll let you know what you can do and what other people, such as the police, might be able to do

Domestic violence

We want people to live safely in our homes and this means we take abuse, including domestic abuse, extremely seriously.

We will support victims and help people who are being abused in any way we can. And where we think people are at risk, we will sometimes offer help, even before we’re asked.

If you’re suffering from domestic abuse, you should contact us and/or the police. You can also get help from Women’s Aid or men’s domestic abuse support charities (such as Men’s Advice Line), Victim Support or Citizens Advice.

Ending your tenancy

If you want to leave your home, this is what to do and what will happen:

  • If you plan to leave and end your tenancy, you need to tell us at least four weeks before you want to go
  • You need to tell us in writing (either by letter or email) so we have a written record of your four weeks’ notice
  • To fit in with your payment weeks, the date you plan to end your tenancy has to be a Monday
  • You need to keep paying your rent until that Monday, and you have to pay up any money you also owe us (for repairs or rent if you’re behind) before you leave
  • When you’ve told us you plan to leave, we’ll come and inspect your home
  • When we come out, we’ll check to see if everything is as it should be and if there are any repairs you need to do or pay for before you leave
  • You need to leave the home, and garden, clean, empty and tidy
  • Your need to bring back all the keys to your local office by 12 noon on the Monday when your tenancy ends. If you don’t return your keys on time, we’ll charge you another week’s rent

Moving home

We don’t have a transfer list or register. If you live in Hackney, Waltham Forest, Enfield or Newham and want to move to another home, you can get in touch with your local council’s housing department or you can consider renting from a private landlord.

You may have the option to exchange your home. Please check your tenancy agreement or contact us on 0208 221 4000 to find out.

Keyworker Properties

We have good quality one, two and three bedroom homes for key workers.

Key workers are essential public sector workers. We prioritise applicants from St Barts NHS Trust and Newham Partnership Working.

If you are interested in applying please contact us on 0208 221 4000 or