In some circumstances, you could be charged for repairs that are normally our responsibility. This can happen when someone – either yourself, the people you live with or your visitors – damage, neglect or misuse your home. These are often called rechargeable repairs or rechargeable works. If the damage has been done accidentally, we’ll come and look at what needs to be done and we’ll give you an estimate before doing the work, so you know what to expect. If the damage needs to be repaired straight away because it’s an emergency, we’ll do the work anyway but we may charge you afterwards. If the damage has been done by a criminal, through vandalism or a break-in, you must report it to the police. We need a copy of the police crime reference number. If you don’t get this you could be charged for the cost of the repair. What happens when work is done to your home:

  • You will know how much it will cost before the work is carried out
  • You’ll be asked to pay once the job has been finished
  • The contractor will ask you to sign a copy of a form which outlines the work done and the cost
  • Afterwards you will be sent an invoice to pay
  • You must never hand money over to anyone there and then
  • Charges will include administration costs
  • If you have contents’ insurance you may be able to claim money back from your insurance company. You’ll need to check if you’re covered