Equality and Diversity

Our commitment to equal opportunities and celebrating diversity goes beyond what the law says we must do – it plays a big part in our integrity as a caring organisation. We want our neighbourhoods to be great places and that means asking questions. By knowing our customers well, and understanding their needs, we can provide a high quality service, now and in the future. 

It’s important to us that people are treated fairly, whatever their circumstances. We look for innovative solutions to problems that might affect our customers and find ways to reduce disadvantage and discrimination among our residents. We make sure that everyone has the chance to fulfil their potential and we always work towards removing any barriers that might stop this happening.

Our promise

  • We live in a socially and culturally diverse environment. We promise to celebrate our differences and make people feel valued regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, beliefs and backgrounds.
  • We’ll have a business that reflects the diversity of the communities where we work and we will challenge discrimination. 
  • We’ll treat everyone fairly and make equality and diversity part of our day job – for everything we do.