How to get involved

Would you like to make a difference to how local space services are delivered? Do you have some spare time? It could be as little as 20 minutes every couple of months to complete an online or telephone survey. Or if you have more time you could join our Scrutiny Panel. All Local Space tenants are welcome to register.

What is the “Getting Involved Tenants Register”?

We want to improve the way we consult our tenants over the issues that are important to you. To help us do this, we are setting up a register of people who are interested in contributing towards the way that we deliver our housing services. By joining the register you can choose the way you want to be involved, for example taking part in the occasional survey or joining our Tenants Policy and Scrutiny Panel, as well as choosing the topics you would like to be involved in.

Why get involved?

We want you to get involved to make sure that we are providing services that meet your needs. We need your comments on our services both good and bad to help improve the housing we provide and services to you. Getting involved can also provide benefits to you by:

  • Increased knowledge of our services
  • Getting to know other residents
  • Learning new skills
  • Gaining confidence

What experience or skills do I need?

The most important thing that you have is experience of using of services and an enthusiasm for helping us improve the way that we do things. We can provide training and other learning opportunities for you.

Simply fill in the registration form to get started.

What happens next?

Once you have registered, we will use the information you have given and contact you when there’s an opportunity for involvement that matches your preferences. You can then choose whether to take part in this or not.

All of the information that you give will be kept confidential. It will only be used for the purposes of contacting you about opportunities for involvement.

If you have any queries about our customer involvement register, you can contact us on 020 8221 4000 or