A website for all

We try hard to make our website easy to use for everyone.

We use the most up-to-date and best technology we can, but nothing’s perfect and we’re always trying to make things even better.

We want things to be right for you, so if you are having any problems using this website please email us on info@localspace.co.uk

Below are some things we already do that might help you.

Text to Speech Apps

There are a variety of free ‘Text to Speech’ downloads available on the web that allow you to listen to the words on our website instead of reading them.

These might be useful for people who:

  • Can’t read English very well because they’re from another country, culture or background
  • Are dyslexic
  • Have problems with their eyesight or are blind
  • Just find it easier to listen, rather than read

Keyboard or mouse, what’s best for you?

Some people might prefer to use a keyboard rather than a mouse to move around our website.

Just use the Arrowkeys to move up and down or left to right on a page

  • Press Tab and Enter to look at and click on menus or links

This might be useful for people who:

  • Have problems moving around
  • Suffer from repetitive strain syndrome and/or have pain in their hands
  • Just prefer to use a keyboard

PDFs and Acrobat Reader – what’s that?

All through our website you can click on documents that explain in more detail some of the things we mention on the web page you’ve been looking at.

We use a document called a PDF (Portable Document Format) to do this.

  • To read a PDF document you need a program called Acrobat Reader installed on your computer
  • If you don’t have it already it’s simple to get – and it’s free
  • Download it here